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ITX2 Portable Ingress Transmission Device

Portable radio transmitter used as a mobile find-and-fix tool that precisely locates ingress problems

vendor P/N: ITX2

Effigis DRV3 Dual-band Portable Leakage Detector

CPAT ITX2 is a portable radio transmitter that precisely locates ingress problems. Transmitting a low-power test signal in the upstream cable bandwidth, it can be used as a mobile find-and-fix tool or it can be connected to the ARD4 module to automatically locate ingress problems when driving in the operator’s territory as part of the technician’s daily work routine.

ITX2 Features

• Cost-effective transmitter operating on a fixed upstream frequency
• Continuous transmission of ingress test signal via transmitter’s antenna
• No need to attenuate upstream node segments to locate ingress source
• Determines ingress location within a few meters
• Transmission compliant with FCC / EC regulations (no operating license required)
• No user intervention required during monitoring drive out

• Portable transmitter (ITX2)
The ITX2 transmitter kit (US Patent: US 8,752,108 - CAN Patent: CA 2,746,924) comprises a portable radio transmitter, a rechargeable battery pack, a portable transmitting antenna and a carrying pouch. The ITX2 operation requires the use of a web browser enabled device (cellular, laptop, etc.) which provides ingress level feedback to the user from the HE/Hub location.

• Efficient upstream bandwidth usage
The ITX2 can operate in the upstream band at one of these three frequencies: 6.78 MHz, 27.12 MHz, or 40.225 MHz. The transmitted carrier has a very narrow bandwidth, broadcasting of the selected frequency will have no impact or minimal impact on current and future upstream services.

CPAT Mobile Application Suite

• CPAT Mobile Application Suite
Real-time ingress monitoring (RIM) is available on a mobile application for Apple iOS and Android. The RIM will assist you in locating ingress points within a few feet. Works in conjunction with the ITX2 and the portable hand held monopole antenna. Single Tech Ingress detection tool. The app will display drop down list of ITX2 to choose from, obtain real-time ingress level readings from IRX1, record events.

Hands-off Operation

When connected to the CPAT Flex ARD4 module in the vehicle, the ITX2 becomes part of the CPAT continuous ingress/leakage monitoring system. The ITX2 continuously transmits a low power digitally modulated RF signal, while technicians are driving out the plant during their daily work routine. ITX2 firmware updates are automatically uploaded as soon as the ARD4 communicates with the CPAT server through the vehicle’s wireless communication link.

Repair cycle

Once an ingress impairment is detected by the CPAT Flex Continuous Monitoring System and stored in the CPAT database, the technician uses the portable ITX2 and a web browsing enabled cell phone to precisely and rapidly find-and-fix the source of the ingress impairment.

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