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Microduct applications and solutions for telecommunications

Eagle Comtronics Filters and Traps

Since its establishment in 2002, KNET has been devoting best efforts to developing PE pipe products ranging from telecommunication, running water to marine structures. Starting from simple supply of high quality products, KNET has shifted the business focus and moved it into the provision of total solution which covers full engineering service to guarantee customer satisfaction. This is enabled by accumulated technologies in product manufacturing, skilled manpower and reputable global references. Their effort for better relationship with customers and more competitive solutions will be continued.

Products / Microduct and Cable

Telecom pipes (Microduct) produced by KNET allow clients to deliver data inside small optical fibers and cables. These products are designed for durability in any environment.


The TWD (Thick walled duct) is composed of thick and strong microtubes, and this provides strong protection against soil pressure while the thin outer sheath helps fast and easy operation at installation site. Variety of TWD line-up enables a cost effective construction of optical infrastructure.

Flat Duct

For micro-trenching with the narrow width, FLAT DUCT is the most optimized microduct. The product itself can be placed vertically to fit on micro-trenching. The size of the product is relatively small which allows better shipping and handling with the smaller reel size.

Link Duct

LINK DUCT is lucrative solution for distribution point. Easy tear down characteristic of tube makes branch off work in distribution point can be done without cutting the primary tube and connector. Thus, installer can save time and additional material cost as they can connect each connection point without mid-span or branch connection.


The DB (Direct burial) has legacy microtubes inside two strong layered sheaths. Its flexible microtubes and round shape of cable make this type a good choice for jointing and branching with existing conventional networks.


Our best solution product for installation inside existing duct or subduct. The DI (Direct Install) is designed with simple and lightweight structure that enables fast and cost- effective network construction by pulling it inside existing duct. It increases availability of cabling infrastructure by dividing into many smaller tubes.


The AD (Aerial duct) microduct is created for such environment where no available underground installation or temporary construction. Non-metallic strength member is recommended to avoid damages caused by electrical surge or lighting.


A special polymer that has flame retardant and low smoke emissive function is used for fabricating LSZH (Low smoke zero halogen). The UL listed riser products (UL 2024) are also available.


ABF (Air blown fiber) is simple bundled fibers and ABC (Air blown cable) is a lightweight version of flexible cable. Either multimode or single mode fiber cable is available.

Products / Tools and Accessories


Several cutters are used for joint preparation of microduct and microtube. Clean cut at right angle of tubes enables leak-less connection and this guarantees long distance blowing and brings reliable operation.


Connectors are for joints of microtubes’ terminals. The straight type of connector, reducer, gas block, direct burial, end cap and many more are used for dedicated purpose.


Splice closure is for splice of optical fibers, while branch closure is for protection of a joint of microtubes, and depending on the environment, the water-tight type may also be used.

Branch Boxes

Street cabinet, wall-mount box or terminal rack is used for fiber terminations and branches. A splice closure that is installed into manhole or pole has the same function with less operational flexibility.

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