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Fiber optic products and services including connector cleaning and inspection


LIGHTEL designs, manufactures, and supplies a broad range of products and services to the fiber optic industry worldwide. Since their beginning in 1999, they have continued their solid growth pattern, and have become a recognized leader in bringing ELemental innovations to LIGHT.

Starting out with Coupler Workstations for manufacturing Fused Biconic Taper products, LIGHTEL has expanded into Fused Fiber components, Micro-Optic passive optical components, Video Microscopes for inspection purposes, and many other fiber optic related products and services. Their coupler workstations are updated to reflect the latest in software, packaging, and control systems. Their broad range of analog and digital video microscope products keeps network down time to a minimum, and allows documentation through an easy to use software interface.

Lightel Products

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Connector Inspector

vendor P/N: CI-1100

The CI-1100 Connector Inspector is an eye-safe, portable video microscope used to inspect fiber optic connector endfaces for contamination.

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ViewConn VC-6200
Connector Inspection and Cleaning

vendor P/N: VC-6200

The VC-6200 portable hand-held video microscope, ruggedized for field use, is for inspecting and cleaning fiberoptic connector endfaces.

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