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Product Overview

TELONIX introduces the most flexible rental and lease financing options available in the industry.

Combining short terms with low rates, you now have the financial freedom to be successful.

From underground cable locators and TDRs to fusion splicers and signal level meters, TELONIX offers you the right combination of goods and services to get you on the road fast with the equipment you need. 

Financing made easy.


Highly Competitive Rates ...
interest rates are amongst the best in the industry.

Flexible Terms ...
choose from either a monthly rental program or a long term lease, whichever option best suits your style.

Wide Range of Products ...
almost all products are eligible for financing, from signal meters to fusion splicers.

How You Benefit

Conservation of Capital ...
large cash outlays are avoided, allowing you to divert more resources to vehicles, office equipment or leasehold.

Generate Revenue Immediately ...
cost of equipment is paid for from the revenue it generates.

Adjust Your Inventory ...
add to your instrumentation pool as needed, decrease as your needs change.

Stay Current With Technology ...
you choose the equipment that's right for you, either previously owned or cutting edge.

Follow Your Finances ...
elect to buy out the equipment with 65% payment credit, as early as three months into your financing term.

Contact us about opportunities. finance@telonix.ca

TELONIX stands behind every product sold, with unmatched technical support.